Pattern: Baby Birthday Socks from Seasonal Fibres
Yarn: Primo Sport by The Plucky Knitter in Oatmeal
Ravelry LinkBaby Birthday Socks
Notes: Needle 2.5mm

It’s finally out there for all the (knitting) world to see – my first pattern.  A pair of socks that would be ideal as a birthday present for a baby turning 1 or 2 years old.  I know nothing new or original in that, but a few months ago friends had requested socks for their baby and I couldn’t find anything that suited my needs completely, and I found the sizing difficult to judge as I don’t have children myself, so I’ve tried to create a pattern that would help others.


The sizing was by far the trickiest part and in the end the pattern is written with two sizes (1 and 2 year old), with about ¼ to ½ an inch of extra room for the baby’s foot to grow. There is a bit of flexibility in the pattern, the socks shown in the picture below are planned for 6 month old babies so I changed the yarn from 6ply to 4ply, the needle from 2.5 to 2.25mm and knitted the foot length half an inch shorter to accommodate smaller feet.


Now that the pattern is finished and for sale on Raverly, I seem to find patterns for babies socks everywhere, just as good and completely free!  I am hoping the little things like the template for a cardboard sock blocker and the pictures to help with the tubular cast on make the pattern a little more special and worth buying.

Writing a pattern was not the ‘walk in a park’ I was expecting it to be, the idea was relatively quick but the writing, test knitting, fine tuning, text editing, and photographing took time. There is also a lot of emotion tied into creating a pattern – something I was not expecting at all – a lot of self-doubt wondering if the idea is good enough, anxiousness waiting for the test knitters, frustration not being able to get the photos exactly as you would like them, excitement seeing the pattern pages come together, and now nervousness hoping that people who have bought the pattern like it.

With with the pattern selling for US$1.99 it’s unlikely I can give up my day job any time soon, but the sense of achievement is nice.   I do hope others enjoy knitting the socks, and that they have the same sense of pleasure I get from seeing them finished and ready to gift.