Pattern: Ribbed Watch Cap & Beanie from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock yarn in Black
Ravelry LinkRibbed Watch Cap
Notes: Needle 2.25 and 2.5mm

Whew that was close, I finished knitting Pietro’s birthday hat the morning of his birthday. This is the first time I have knitted with the Malabrigo sock yarn and it was not quite what I was expecting. It is 100% merino and being 3ply it is a little thinner than other sock yarns I have used. It is not soft to knit with and the hat is a little “average” looking, it looks like something you could buy from a local department store rather than a luxurious hand knit. It also seems to attract a lot of lint. On the plus side Malabrigo has a great colour selection, is machine washable and fairly well priced at 19 euros for a skein of 440 yards. Happy birthday Pietro, I know you don’t like wearing hats but I hope you like wearing this one.