Left to Right: we’re different Fliderbush and Versuchskaninchen

Look what arrived today – Wollmeise from Germany.  It’s made by a lady called Claudia and is available via her online store or brick and mortar store.   Wollmeise is known for it’s amazing vibrant colour and being difficult to come by.  The online store is updated sporadically – tip 1: often on a Friday evening about 7pm Sydney time – but you have to be quick, stock is sold out within a few minutes and the website is not so easy to navigate and it will freeze and crash a bit.  Also the colour names are in German so you need to do a bit of research and have a list of the colours you like.  Hard work I know, but the thrill is always in the chase and there is nothing more exciting than getting some wollmeise in your shopping cart. If you are a real thrill seeker go for the “we’re different” grab bags, they contain skeins that are not quite the colour they should be. Gemischt bags have matching colours and Kunterbunt bags have colours that are not matching – tip 2: the we’re different grab bags tend to be the last things to go as people are trying to get specific colour single skeins first.

Left to Right: we’re different Campari Piccolo, Sonne and we’re different Campari Orange

I picked up 2 we’re different Lila 100% superwash bags, 1 gelb-orange 100% superwash bag and a skein of sonne.  But (tip 3) I found if you look around on ravelry and keep an eye on the wollmeise de-stash page you can easily pick some up, only problem is it sells for about US$40-50 per skein, compared to about AU$40 a skein straight from Claudia.

Top to Bottom: Single Malt, Fratello, Pesto and Granatapfel

I know, all I seem to do is buy wool, but I am knitting too….